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When I was a teenager I wandered across "Laver's Law" in an old fashion book at my small town library.  For some reason something about it struck me, and I photocopied it and kept is with me all of these years.  As an undergraduate studying Costume Design, this became the cover page of a three-ring binder I kept with various magazine tears and runway pictures that all seemed to have a touch of the past in their design.  I found the pictures inspiring because at first glance they seemed new and exciting, but upon further study, they were also a repetition of the past.  I am fascinated by these repeating details and silhouettes that seem to haunt us.  We keep reinterpreting the past through our modern eyes and this fashion cycle is only speeding up, with the repeats happening even closer together.


Twenty years later I still have this photocopy in the front of the binder that is now full and falling apart.  Laver's words, and others, have inspired me to research and add to my overflowing collection, and also wonder..."is anything new?"





(Please note: I do not own any of the pictures found on this site, but have detailed where each picture came from.  You can see this by hovering over the picture or clicking on the picture to start the slide show.)



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