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  B O H E M I A N 

S H I R T / D R E S S 

The bohemian sillhouette is loose but gathered, sometimes embroidered and always free in spirit.  One can say it was inspired by the chemise (underclothes) that was worn for centuries under women's gowns, as pictured to the right.  


                                                       1920, French.


“In every period costume has some essential line, and when we look back over the fashions of the past we can see quite plainly what it is, and can see what is surely very strange, that the forms of dresses, apparently so haphazard, so dependent on the whim of the designer, have an extraordinary relevance to the spirit of the age."

                                                                                                       James Laver

                                                                            Taste and Fashion, page 250.

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